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Grand Junction Child Support Lawyers

Reliable Assistance With Child Support

Child support usually lasts until a child becomes legally emancipated, gets married, joins the U.S. military or turns 19 years of age. If a child is permanently disabled, courts may order a mother or father to pay child support for life.

With more than 120 years of experience, the attorneys of Younge & Hockensmith, P.C., are uniquely qualified to handle all legal issues related to child support, including initial calculation, failure to pay, payment modifications and enforcement of existing child support orders. We represent both mothers and fathers in these and all family law matters. Contact our knowledgeable Grand Junction child support attorneys to discuss your case.

Skilled At Resolving Complex Child Support Issues

It can be challenging to calculate the true income of parents who have substantial investments, own businesses, or work in seasonal or cash-paying jobs. Income calculation issues may also arise when parents earn less than their education and experience warrant. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle all of these situations while protecting our clients' rights and interests. We utilize the latest technology to accurately determine parental income — despite what the tax returns might say.

In rare situations, deviation from the child support guidelines is appropriate. This may occur when a family's net household income exceeds the amount contemplated by the guidelines or when the special needs of a child are extraordinarily costly. If you believe that a deviation may be appropriate in your case, we can review the facts and advise you on your rights and options.

Contact Our Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

For capable assistance in resolving even the most challenging child support issues, call Younge & Hockensmith, P.C., at 970-242-2645 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.