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Grand Junction Debt Collection Lawyers

At Younge & Hockensmith, P.C., we understand the importance of being paid for the services your business provides. If a debtor has refused to pay, filed for bankruptcy or defaulted on a loan, it may be necessary to take legal action to secure payment for what you are owed. Our Grand Junction debt collection attorneys can help you assess the best means of recovering the amount you are owed in an efficient and expeditious manner. We have a proven record of success in maximizing the amount recovered on behalf of our clients.

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced lawyers. With offices in Grand Junction, our firm provides strong debt collection representation to business owners, suppliers, vendors and financial institutions throughout western Colorado.

Helping Creditors Collect What They Are Owed

There are a host of different reasons why individuals and businesses fail or refuse to pay the debts they owe. These reasons may include contractual disagreements and businesses filing for bankruptcy. Fortunately, the law provides every creditor with certain rights to collect money on unpaid debts, including the right to file a lawsuit against the debtor, garnish a debtor's wages and challenge the discharge of a debt during bankruptcy.

The attorneys of Younge & Hockensmith, P.C., draw on more than 120 years of experience and knowledge to help clients resolve their debt collection issues in a cost-effective manner. As seasoned commercial litigators, we guide our clients through the legal process using proven strategies that have helped to secure payments and protect our clients' business interests.

Our firm represents clients in a broad range of matters related to debt collection, including:

  • Judgment enforcement
  • Commercial debt collection
  • Asset recovery
  • Loan collections
  • Bankruptcy adversary proceedings

Contact Our Commercial Business Debt Collection Attorneys

Call Younge & Hockensmith, P.C., at 970-242-2645 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.